Albuquerque Custom Home Builders

Building a custom home has many advantages. You can choose the land, the floor plan and the architectural style of the home. You can also control every aspect of the design and construction to achieve a result that is as unique as you are. To have a custom built home takes a lot of time, lot of homework (research), and patience.

Finding a Lot

Are you searching for a land in the desert, in the mountain in New Mexico, or in the suburbs of Albuquerque?  ReMax Elite can provide listing of available lands in the area as well as many answers to some of the questions you have and may not have even considered asking yourself.  What size of property will fit the need for your family and household?  The location of your property, do you want to consider proximity to schools as your household grows?   The added land, are you considering any added space for maybe extensive patio to include a grilling pit or a nice sized garden?  Is this going to be your retirement home and get away from the city life? Leave the hard work to the ReMax Elite professionals to locate a place to have your custom home built on.

Home Construction Financing

Whether you are looking for a “Construction-to-Perm” or  “One-Time-Close”  new construction home loan, Remax Elite can provide you  with a construction loan broker who will do all of the homework for you and has direct access to hundreds of banks nationwide. The broker serves as middle-man, his or her services will not cost you anything extra. That’s because brokers get loans at wholesale rates, and pass them along to their clients at retail prices.  The best part about signing those new construction loan papers is knowing they are a means to securing that dream home in Albuquerque.

Choosing a Floor Plan

you can start looking at floorplans collection that Remax Elite will provide, determining what features are important to you and how you want them combined together. Remax Elite will then provide you with an architect that will turn your ideas into a real builder-ready floorplan or blue prints for your home.. Some contractors have pre-established floor plans you can modify to fit your needs.   The architect of course will ask typical questions; how many bedrooms, bathrooms and of course room sizes.  The architect may also suggest amenities like swimming pool, attached garage (how many cars) green house, solar panels, fire place, adding some other home accents in certain rooms.  Figuring out exactly what you want when building a new home is the hardest part but it’s also the most exciting part.

Home Construction Builder

Whether you want to build in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, High Desert, or any number of smaller cities or rural areas, Remax Elite can help you find a professional home builder.  Remax Elite has association with several reputable home builders to ensure basic standards of professional and ethical credentials. Our professional construction builders have built many new home communities in Albuquerque.  No matter where you are in the process of building your own home it’s never a bad time to talk to a us about your project. Just submit a request and you’ll immediately hear from us.

Green Building and Albuquerque Home Builders

Green building means more than just energy efficiency, although this remains one of the primary benefits for homeowners. Materials and labor must also meet sustainability guidelines, which can increase building costs. However, contractors typically receive government-sponsored incentives for building green, meaning it should be easier for us to find a home builder to take on this type of project. As a homeowner, you also stand to receive substantial tax credits for adopting sustainable construction methods.


ReMax Elite offers options as well as offers homes and real estate versus the custom built home, they will discuss options and help you to decide what is best for you.  ReMax Elite will build your New Custom Home, from the beginning to end. They look forward to being there with you in every step of planning, to the day you put the key in the door of your new home.
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