• The Easiest Way to Keep You Home Beautiful

    The Easiest Way to Keep You Home Beautiful

    Many great homemakers will swear to the fact keeping a home clean and in living order is daily cleaning from morning to night, top to bottom.  Face reality, if you begin with a clean home, you can keep it clean with very little effort.   Experts will advise begin with the rooms furthest from the main exit and work toward the front door or back door, which ever location will be the final room you clean.

    As you start to clean in any room, it is best to work from furthest point in the room to the door, and proceed with dusting, moving to vacuuming.  If this is a bedroom, likewise make the bed, or freshen the sheets, everything is in place and vacuum as the last activity in the room.  Move to the next room and repeat the process.

    Deep clean or clean completely once every 3 months, then as you clean daily, your efforts will be easier to accomplish.  Important to remember, daily; remove trash, at the very most accumulate newspapers or magazines; weekly, and discard accordingly.

    Some people prefer to dust daily, and this is true if you live in a dust bowl, however, for the most part you can get away with dusting weekly or at the most bi – weekly, and you can also do the same with vacuuming.  There is a method to cleaning, and it is just making certain that the daily cleaning is minimal.   Some people have cleaning their home down to an art, they have made a list of what they consider is daily, versus what they can clean bi – weekly or even weekly.

    To help keep the home clean and safe, you may consider having the home checked every 6 months for pests, checking also for radon leaks also having the home checked at least 2 to 5 years for plumbing and electrical problems.