• Questions that should be asked before you buy a home

    Questions that should be asked before you buy a home

    The anticipation of purchasing a new home brings up many factors to consider; the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, school districts, other general questions. People are often overlooking questions that can be just as important, if not more important then the number of bathrooms. People will rarely ask questions about the neighborhood, or the prior occupants. Please consider some suggested questions you may want to consider before making a final decision on the home you just drove by & fell in love with.

    1. Find out about any sex offenders that are living in the area. For the most part, Megan’s Law is nation wide. Google makes a search easier, type in the city, state, & zip code; this will help you determine the possible dangers and allows you the option to consider what you would like to do. The reality is, each neighborhood has dangers of many varieties, but this will give you an edge whether considering a home in the average neighborhood or an upscale neighborhood. Being informed is giving you the edge.
    2. Finding out about any criminal activity is a good idea; however, consider the possibility if this home you are considering purchasing was used for any drug or other criminal activity. There are some great websites that have some revealing information regarding homes. Try the Clandestine Laboratory Registry of the Federal Drug Enforcement Association, http://www.justice.gov/dea/clan-lab/clan-lab.shtml
    3. Not only is it a good idea to find out if there was criminal activity that may have occurred in the home you are considering, but what about the neighborhood? Certainly a person would like to know just how safe it is to leave your car in the driveway. Criminal activity will vary widely from each neighborhood. Some neighborhoods have a very low crime rate and neighborhoods; seem to be plagued with criminal activity. You may consider checking Trulia Crime Maps, or check SpotCrime.com.
    4. With the variety of home monitoring systems on the market and the insurance advantage, a person should really consider what type of security system the home comes with, if any. The one of the best selling points of any home is the anti-crime systems or other anti-crime features they may have upgraded the home with, or may have been built into the home originally. This is something definitely worth considering before closing the deal on a home.
    5. Some neighborhoods have a “neighborhood watch” program. If you live in an area that has an HOA (Home owners association) they may have their own watch type of program. Other communities have reached out to the residence for participation and started their own crime watch programs. Involving the residence seems to have a positive influence in most neighborhoods. Not only does neighborhood watch programs impact by driving the private property crime down, but it also offers great benefits such as block parties to get to know your neighbors, frequent meeting, and community networking. Often encouraging email listing& updates, exchange of phone numbers, &keeping an eye on each other’s property while absent whether for a few hours or months. By asking questions you can purchase a home that is suiting you and your family as well as keeping your household safe and crime free.