• The Perfect Albuquerque Neighborhood

    The Perfect Albuquerque Neighborhood

    The Perfect Albuquerque Neighborhood: Balancing Lifestyle with Real Estate in Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Covering over 182 square miles, Albuquerque offers a wide assortment of regions that appeal to residents with different interests.  Each community has developed its own set of subcultures over time making Albuquerque a very diverse and accepting place to live. Some areas of the City may cater more to specific lifestyles and should be taken into consideration when looking for that perfect  Albuquerque neighborhood. When it comes to buying a home, those interested in nature, bicycling, art, and nightlife should consider which neighborhood best fits their lifestyles before exploring the market further.


    Albuquerque boasts over 300 days of sunshine each year making it a perfect city to live in for lovers of the outdoors. The Northeast Heights is Albuquerque’s largest geographic portion and sweeps from the West side of the majestic Sandia Mountains all the way downtown.   The most eastern region provides easy access to the Sandia Foothills for hikes and nature walks.  Los Ranchos, lying along the Rio Grande River, offers an escape from the urban city through various nature trails including the Paseo del Bosque Trail.


    The City of Albuquerque has developed a strong bicycle transit system with many bicycle lanes, paths, and trails spanning across the entire city.  The Tramway Bike Path lies parallel with the Sandia Mountains in the Northeast Heights and is a great resource for bicycle enthusiasts.  Many trails are found at the base of the Sandia Foothills cater to mountain bikers of every skill level.  The newly developed ‘Bicycle Boulevard’ runs parallel to the historic Central Avenue and attracts urban commuters in the Nob Hill, University, and Downtown Albuquerque areas.  Finally, Los Ranchos and the Rio Grande area offer many bicycle paths including the ‘Paseo del Bosque’ Trail which traces the Rio Grande River.


    The gorgeous southwest scenery and breathtaking sunsets serve as inspiration for many artists in the land of enchantment. For those seeking a scenic view, the Northeast Heights looks across the city, while Corrales and the North Valley offer a beautiful view of the Sandia Mountains. The Nob Hill area is home for many Albuquerque artists, art galleries, theaters, and performance spaces.  Albuquerque’s historical Old Town features traditional adobe buildings, plazas, museums, and art galleries highlighting the City’s culture.  Corrales and the North Valley holds many art galleries, festivals, and cultural events all year long making them great neighborhoods to consider for creative home buyers.


    Nightlife can be an important factor when buying a new home for those wishing to live in a more urban environment. The Nob Hill area offers some great real estate within walking distance of many trendy venues.  With ‘Central Boulevard’ closed to traffic on weekend nights, Downtown streets are packed with people socializing over music and drinks at local bars.  The nightclubs found Downtown also offer many dance floors with a variety of DJs and music genres.



    By Chad Davis    February 7, 2013